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RIM Prototype
RIM Prototype
  • Process : RIM

  • Prototype Attribute : PP/ABS  

  • Finish : Polishing Deburr spray paint

  • Type of Serivce : Customized Production According to the drawing Rapid Prototype Low Volumn

  • Application : Design Verification & Show Sample & Sale Sample

  • Tooling : aluminum alloy mold

Custom Service Introduction

Customized RIM Process

  • The prototype of the design, using aluminum alloy or epoxy material to make a simple mold, in order to obtain the cavity structure in the mold

  • The mold is loaded into the RIM low pressure filling machine

  • The liquid prepolymer is completely filled by pressure injection into the mold cavity

  • After the prototype is cured in the mold, open the mold and remove the prototype.

  • Continuously fill the material, solidify, take out the action until the batch prototype is completed

  • Prototype parts inspection assembly, burr and surface treatment

Small batch production customization service

Consumers now hobby personalization services guided by consumption production, the product is small and fine quality differentiation obvious, if you invest in production only some parts number is dozens to hundreds of, so you find HY Prototype company is the best choice, our company has a professional services team, the small batch production include solutions to engineering designers, our company has 12 years of experience in small batch production, through solution technology and production methods can provide high performance services for you. If you have any requirement in this field, please contact our team in time. We can provide you with free consultation.


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