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Low volumn PC
Low volumn PC
  • Prototype Attribute PC ABS

  • Finish Polishing Deburr spray paint

  • Type of Serivce : Customized Production According to the drawing Rapid Prototype Low Volumn

  • Application : Automobile headlamp unit

  • Tooling : silicon mold

Custom Service Introduction

Vacuum casting Process

  • Prototype design through 3D printing or CNC machining, first create a parent prototype

  • After fixing the initial prototype, pour it into the silicone liquid, and wrap the initial prototype into a cube.

  • After the silica gel is solidified, the initial prototype is taken out to make the silicone mold which is internally formed into a cavity.

  • Fill the liquid resin into the silicone mold under vacuum and fill the cavity

  • After the liquid resin is cured, the copied prototype is taken out from the silicone mold.

  • Repeat the liquid resin into the silicone mold, solidify and then take out until the entire batch prototype is completed.

  • Replicated prototype for assembly, burr and surface treatment

Vacuum Casting

Polyurethane vacuum casting is a kind of the silicon mold with low price, the prototype for small bulk copy process, can quickly complete the small batch production, and cost lower than the CNC and the 3 d Print production, to produce products maintain consistency with the prototype, and reduce the production costs of moulds and shorten the production time cost of hand-board model;

The largest part size of our company can reach 2500mm.


Advantages Of Vacuum Casting

Suitable for small batch production

Mold making time is short, only 1-2 days

The materials available are extensive

The products can be processed later, including the color on the spray paint

Only 1-2 CNC or 3D Print prototypes need to be made in the early stage, saving the cost of prototype production can shorten the time of small batch handplate production by 40%.


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