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Car bumper net Prototype

Car bumper net Prototype
Car bumper net Prototype
  • Process : CNC  Machining Rapid prototype

  • Prototype Attribute : AL6061 

  • Finish : Polishing  Sand Blasting+Deburr  Anodize

  • Type of Serivce : Customized Production According to the drawing Rapid Prototype

  • Application : Design Verification & Show Sample & Sale Sample

Custom Service Introduction

Customized CNC Process

  • Import prototype design into 3D processing software for programming with minimal cost and fastest processing

  • Clamping the predetermined plate material and machining tool to the CNC machining platform

  • The CNC cuts irrelevant material with a certain amount of machining depth according to a predetermined machining program

  • Continue to remove unrelated materials with a certain amount of processing depth layer cutting until processing is completed

  • Remove the prototype, clean the burrs, and sandblast, polish, paint, etc.

  • Assembly and dimensional inspection of prototypes

According to your project needs, CNC service can solve various problems for you. If you would like to know more about technology and prototyping services, please call us. We are glad to provide you with professional and efficient service


Why do you make a Rapid Prototype

Rapid Prototype is a professional production technology, can design into reality of the theory of 3 d model for the customer to see real product prototype, and the quality of the prototype is very important for the design, engineering designers can through rapid prototyping to verify the original design idea, correct design is not perfect the risks more mature, more stable quality products, the purpose is to late fast and more economy and reduce the product batch production of mould and production risk investment. The pallet model can also shorten the work of the product in the pre-sales period, and can directly make rapid prototypes to be promoted first, so as to seize a fleeting sales opportunity. If you have any requirement in this field, please contact our team in time. We can provide you with free consultation.


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