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At ShopSabre, we believe industrial strength and customer service are the two most important ...

At ShopSabre, we believe industrial strength and customer service are the two most important elements of a CNC router. Our machines are designed to industrial specifications so you can use them as much as you need, all day, every day. We build our machines so you as the owner/operator can go to the machine, turn it on, and go to work any time, no squaring or alignment required. Every ShopSabre CNC router is built to use and built to last.

A ShopSabre CNC router has many advantages over the competition, including:

  • Top-rated material, Technology, and construction often found only in machines retailing for $100,000 or more

  • Industrial-strength gantry upright construction for the highest level of precision

  • High-precision motion components including state-of-the-art drive technology to ensure the highest accuracy, cutting forces, and overall performance possible even after heavy usage

  • Advanced and name-brand electronics to give you the most torque, precision, and abilities of any system competitively priced

  • CNC grade motion controller with PC compatibility giving you the ease of a computer with the same capabilities you’d find in a standalone control tower

  • No assembly or Installation required – simply drop in place, connect power, and go to work

  • Custom-built for your specific needs and budget with many available options

  • True CNC continuous flex robotic wiring specifically designed for the type of work a CNC router is supposed to do

  • Complete warranty and FREE lifetime tech support to give you peace of mind

  • Truly USA engineered, developed, fabricated, assembled, and supported

These are just a few of the many advantages ShopSabre CNC routers have over the competition. Click the button below to learn more about why our CNC routers are a superior value to the competition.

  • Uses and Applications

  • CNC routers have a wide range of applications and can handle virtually any material. Our routers are commonly used for

  • Cabinets and furniture

  • Construction and carpentry

  • 2D & 3D sign making and carvings

  • Musical instruments

  • Plastics and foam

  • Prototyping and 3D modeling

  • Solid surface work

  • Exhibits and scene/prop shops

  • Architectural millwork

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